Jacob Sorrell

Hi, my name is Jacob and I'm a Frontend Developer currently employed by Covetrus. The majority of my experience resides in full-stack development using Angular, TypeScript & Node.js.

What I Do

  • Front-End Development

    I'm very proficient in Angular and TypeScript. I've been involved in numerous projects that have required these technologies, and I've had to master them in order to produce the results required by the client.

  • Design & Implementation

    I've had a great deal of experience designing and implementing various websites, logos, icons & storyboards. My main tools for these tasks being either Figma or Gimp.

  • Back-End Development

    I've had a great deal of experience in developing JavaScript back-ends. My personal favourite being Node.js as it's a quick way to write serverless architecture.

  • Development Operations (DevOps)

    DevOps was always required in every project I've worked on, and I've had experience working on various Atlassian / AWS / Firebase based deployment plans, builds, CI/CD and monitoring solutions.

Fun Facts

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